Why is dust free seed the best?

Today, lots of bird seed bought in shops/online is in good condition for birds and other wildlife; however some seed on sale is not dust free. The dust is just lots of tiny broken bits of debris which accumulate and lay on the seed giving a powdery appearance – this has been proven to damage … Continue reading Why is dust free seed the best?

Haith’s Bird Feeder Review

A couple of weeks ago I was invited by Haiths (, a family run business selling ‘superclean’ bird food and a wide range of other garden bird products to test their ‘My Favourites Feeder’ ( The manufacturers claim that the feeder design will encourage small birds such as finches, tits and sparrows with larger birds … Continue reading Haith’s Bird Feeder Review


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Glasgow based amateur nature photographer, blogger and volunteer. Here is a selection of wildlife photos I have taken. Please enjoy my gallery!