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Please check out my site and some pages. You can see them on the left hand side of the screen or at the bottom of the page depending what device you are using.

I also have a few of my favourite photos down the right hand side of my page but you can view all of my photos if you click the headings under wildlife like All Wildlife, Birds, Mammals, Plants and Fungi, Bugs and Insects, Butterflies and Moths, Dragonflies and Damselflies, Reptiles and Amphibians or Miscellaneous.

There is a live chat room down the right hand side or near the bottom of the page allows you to talk with other people that have signed up for the chat including me if you have any questions or comments.

How to sign up for the live chat room:

  • underneath the chat bar their will be three options with one box saying

  • name

  • or Twitter

  • or Facebook

By clicking on the twitter or Facebook box it will sign you up as your Twitter or Facebook name but if you want you can just enter your own name in the box saying name and you will be able to talk with anyone else who has signed up.

I also write a blog which you can see at the top or right or bottom of the screen by clicking on the heading blog.

Wildlife Video

(Info coming later tonight)


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