Modèle de tricot de chaussettes en spirale

Modèle de tricot de chaussettes en spirale. Merci aux concepteurs ci-dessous de les partager gratuitement. Instructions de tricotage de chaussettes bébé en spirale tricotées.

J'ai fini une paire de chaussettes tricotées! Undertale
J'ai fini une paire de chaussettes tricotées! Undertale from

Spiral knit tube socks pattern by leef bloomenstiel. The decreased stitches form pretty spirals around the toe. 13th row of pattern is the same as 1st row of pattern;

*K1, K2Tog Repeat From Repeat These 2 Rows Until 8 Sts Remain.

P2, *k3, p3, répéter de * à 1 stitch before end of round, p1. P 3, * k 2, p 2, * repeat between * pour 3 tours. Spiral knit tube socks by leef bloomenstiel.

This Can Be Done Easily By Slipping One Stitch On To Each Of The Previous Needles And Always Commencing Each Needle With 3 Plain And Ending With One Purl Until The Sock Measures 30 Pouces.

Adulte & chaussons tricotés pour enfants… avec nœuds!! Spiral tube socks for toddlers knitting pattern. Since those shaping decreases are spread evenly around the toe, it's easier to maintain an even stitch tension which minimizes problems like.

Cependant, You Can Make It As Long As You Like!

2nd and 3rd rows same as 1st row You can knit this pattern immediately and for free. At end of 3rd rnd, p 3 instead of p 2.

Place Safety Pin In The Ribbing To Mark End Of Rnd.

1 tricoter, 1 purl for 10 Lignes; Knit across 24 sts on the next needle. Using a set of 4 #8 needles with points at each end, and double knitting wool, cast on a number of stitches divisible by four.

Knitting Instructions Knitted Spiral Baby Socks.

Chaussons mocassins avec revers. Knit one round even rnd2: Knit two together (train k2) and repeat until end of the round.

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