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My 100 Nest Box Challenge

Why am I doing this?

During 2017 I visited many fantastic wildlife reserves across the UK as well as taking part in the BTO Bird Camp in May.  Inspired by my experiences, I decided I wanted to give something back to some of the charities that do such great conservation work. So ……. the 100 Nest Box Challenge was born!



Using my pocket money and with a bit of help from my dad to collect the materials I’m building 100 nest boxes from scratch – myself.  My plan is to have made and sold (for a minimum £10 donation) all 100 nest boxes in time for National Nest Box Week (14 – 21 February).  All money raised from selling the boxes will be split evenly between the following 3 charities:

I hope that many of the nest boxes I make will be bought by people in my local area  encouraging them to take a greater interest in supporting wildlife.  I’m particularly keen to get more children taking an interest in wildlife issues and will be promoting my project to local schools.

Haiths even sent me 1 box to contribute.; this will be donated to my local park. Thanks!!!!

About the Nest Boxes

A variety of nest box types will be made to suit different types of birds including coal tits, blue tits, great tits, tree sparrows, robins and pied flycatchers.  Pictures of the different nest boxes available, together with dimensions, are given below.



  • Dimensions: Back= 300mm, Front=100mm, Lid=200mm, Base=110mm, Sides= 175-200mm (sloped lid)
Blue Tit, Coal Tit Box
Blue Tit, Coal Tit, Great Tit or Tree Sparrow
Robin Box
Robin Box


  • Dimensions: Back= 300mm, Front=175mm, Lid=200mm, Base=110mm, Sides= 175-200mm (sloped lid) Hole size=25mm for Blue Tit and Coal Tit/28mm for Great Tit and Tree Sparrow.


How Do I Order a Box?

If you are interested in ordering a box please get in touch with me via my ‘Contacts‘ page. I can send boxes to anywhere in the Glasgow area without delivery charge. I can also send boxes outwith the Glasgow area but still within mainland Britain for a delivery charge which will depend on the number of boxes being ordered.  I can confirm postage costs if you specify the delivery postcode and number of boxes required in your enquiry.  Payment by cheque would be preferred.

You can see how much money has been raised from the project so far by looking at the totalizer on my home page.

Siting Your Nest Box

Information on siting your box can be found at the following link:

Additional Information About Boxes:

  • FSC timber
  • Pine
  • Felt roof

What if I don’t want a nest box but would like to make a donation?

Alternatively, if you would prefer to make a donation I have set up a crowd funding page at

Please note that any money donated through this route will only be used to buy materials to make nest boxes & other wildlife homes/habitats which will be given free of charge to local schools, community organisations and parks. Only money raised from actual nest box sales will go to the three charities detailed above. 

The totalizer on my webpage only shows the amount raised from nest box sales. If you want to see how much money has been donated go to the just giving page linked above.



Blog #17 – UK Fungus Day

Its UK Fungus day! I just had to write a blog. The UK has over 15,000 different species of wild fungi. Personally I think that is really cool but when some people they hear the word ‘Fungus’ they think it’s disgusting. Really, it’s incredible and very important to our Ecosystem. We also eat various mushrooms.

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Blog #16 – Northumberland & The Farne Islands

Two weekends ago I met up with Louis Driver to go to the Farne Islands to film the artic terns and other sea birds on the island. It was the first time we’d managed to meet up since the BTO Bird Camp in May. The weekend was a ‘gift’ from my parents for my birthday – they knew they couldn’t go wrong with a weekend away watching wildlife in Northumberland, where my mum spent a number of years living while her dad worked at RAF Boulmer.

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Blog #14 – BTO Bird Camp

At the beginning of the year a number of young people, including myself, were selected to go the BTO Bird Camp 2017 kindly funded by the Cameron Bespolka Trust. The camp is aimed at young people and getting them more involved with birds and nature. It gives the participants access to experiences that they may not otherwise normally get to do and allow them to get closer to nature.

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Blog #13 – Over 500

In the middle of March the frogs laid their clumps of spawn which was quite amazing to see in my fish pond but I knew it wouldn’t last long when the tadpoles hatched before the fish gobbled them ALL up!

It was 2 years ago that I made a small frog pond up the back of the garden in an old tub which I put in the ground. Then the year after we had lots of tadpoles which I transferred into it. Then I realized that it would not be big enough so I made a frog pond covering 1 and a half metres long and a metre deep. There was also a shallow side for the frogs to spawn.

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Blog #11 – A Small World

It was a Friday and sunny day so I decided to head down to my local patch (Greenbank Gardens in Clarkston, Glasgow) for a bit of nest recording.

The time I spent there was really worth it as in a couple of hours I managed to find the following nests: 5 blue tit, 1 bullfinch, 4 wren, 1 robin (with 4 eggs), 1 blackcap (building) and 7 blackbird (at different stages). The song thrushes were also out collecting worms in the main grassy area. First they would spear a worm with their beaks before shaking off the dirt and finally swallowing them whole: it was amazing to watch!

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