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Waxwings in Hamilton

A couple of Waxwings were spotted at the junction between Quarry Street/Tuphall Road, Hamilton. They were reported to have been showing reasonably well.

I decided to go and see them as it’s not often you get just a few in an area, they are usually in flocks of around 100 birds. Whenever they are in flocks they are difficult to get photos of as they all move very fast and get in the way of one another when you try to take a photo.

I arrived in the morning and throughout the morning I met many familiar faces and got some nice views whenever they came down to feed on the berries. The only trouble was that they were in people’s gardens and I didn’t want to disturb anyone by making them think I was taking pictures of them. Nobody was negative about photographers being there but the people were very friendly and asking questions about the Waxwings.

Overall I had a brilliant day and I had the opportunity to catch up with some people and meet two new people from the area! we even saw a Sparrowhawk and a Buzzard!

Blog #9 -Highland Adventure

The weather in the highlands had started getting milder so I decided to take the chance to get some photos before most of the snow had melted.

I had recently been to Cardwell Bay near Port Glasgow where I met someone who told me that there were some interesting species around in the highlands like Snow Buntings, Ptarmigan, and Red Grouse in addition to a host of more common species. So, this weekend I went up to Grantown-on-Spey with my family where we stayed in the Grant Arms Hotel. The hotel is has a dedicated Wildlife and Birdwatching club and holds nightly talks and has experts on-hand to advise on good local sites to visit.

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Blog #8 – Waxwings!

It was the school mid-term holiday in February, so I decided to use this time off to do some more wildlife photography.

I’d recently got a new app (Bird Guides) which gives me real-time information on bird locations and it was telling me there were some Waxwings less than half an hour away at Hamilton; so I set off to find them. This time I was hoping to get some photos of them actually feeding on berries.  


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