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Blog #8 – Waxwings!

It was the school mid-term holiday in February, so I decided to use this time off to do some more wildlife photography.

I’d recently got a new app (Bird Guides) which gives me real-time information on bird locations and it was telling me there were some Waxwings less than half an hour away at Hamilton; so I set off to find them. This time I was hoping to get some photos of them actually feeding on berries.  


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Blog #7 – An Unexpected Visitor

It was coming up to the end of January so I decided to make the most of my last weekend of the month. Having set myself a very ambitious target to see 100 new species this year, I decided to go to a place called Ardmore Point (on the west coast of Scotland) hoping to see some new divers/ducks that could increase my monthly total of 7 new species so far this month.

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Blog #4 – A Cracking Start To 2017: Wild Waxwings

On New Year’s Day I went to the James Hamilton Heritage Park in Stewartfield, East Kilbride to try out my new scope. I didn’t expect to see much because it’s only a small loch.

It was freezing and there was a lot of ice but surprisingly there were a lot of bird species around.  I only had to walk a quarter of the way round until I saw some Scaup.  I didn’t even need to set up the scope at this point because three of them were only a couple of metres away which gave me the chance to get a few close up photos.

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