Help Hedgehogs!

Hedgehogs need our help more than ever and its up to us how we tackle this problem of depreciation caused by some whose carelessness and thoughtlessness has caused such a negative impact to our hedgehog population. There are around 7 billion people on earth and only 1 million hedgehogs in the UK!

All I ask is for people to do simple things like cut gaps in the bottom of fences, make hedgehog homes, feed them appropriate food and make sure their gardens or local area is hedgehog friendly. Please do not put slug pellets down. Make some proper hog habitat and they will keep the slugs under control.

Recently I have had a hedgehog in my garden that I have been encouraging. It now comes to the pond to drink but I have made sure it has not become too tame. It will still curl up in a ball when I get close to it. Sometimes it can be lured closer by food but that’s about as tame as I’ll let it become. What amazing creatures! Thanks for reading 🙂

European Hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus)
European Hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus)


Author: Michael Sinclair

My name is Michael Sinclair and I’m a young naturalist from Glasgow although I can be seen all over the place doing crazy things.

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