Blog #17 – UK Fungus Day

Its UK Fungus day! I just had to write a blog. The UK has over 15,000 different species of wild fungi. Personally I think that is really cool but when some people they hear the word ‘Fungus’ they think it’s disgusting. Really, it’s incredible and very important to our Ecosystem. We also eat various mushrooms.

(I do not know anything about mushroom identification, I will probably have mistaken or not put the names down for some. Please comment below and help me Identify them!)

In the morning I went for a walk in Chatelherault Country Park which I know from previous years is very good for finding fungi (mushrooms) I saw just under twenty different species from a two hour walk in some woodland located next to the café at the park.

Chatleherault Country Park


The walk started off with a bit of confusion since they had cut down a few trees sending me and my mum off in the wrong direction but we eventually got there by taking a very awkward root off path with some steep edges! It was definitely all worth it as I came across about ten species of mushroom including; Beechwood Sickener, Bay Bolete and many more.

Beechwood Sickener
Bay Bolete


White Fibrecap


Bitter Bracket

fgfThen we could see the path we should have been on; it was by the river side but still through the forest. However we still had to get to it, which proved difficult as we had to slide down a very muddy slope whilst dodging steep drops and nearly falling into a river. We finally got to the path (with little time left)  so we raced on.


During the woodland/ river walk on the path I saw around 5 more different species of mushrooms. Then about 10 minutes later me and my mum stopped down near the river to watch a couple of tree creepers and some goldcrests that were all calling with their high pitched squeak like calls, a few seconds later some great tits and coal tits arrived.

Mild Milkcap


Milking Bonnet
Wrinkled Club
Grey Coral
Stereum Rameale
Glistening Inkcap
Glistening Inkcap
Glistening Inkcap




Weeping Widow


Now it was time to head back.

On our way back I saw a great spotted woodpecker. About 5 minutes later the flock of treecreepers and goldcrests turned up near the café. Then it was time for me to head home.

I would really recommend getting out into your local woodland or just have a look in some different habitats near you to see what mushrooms you can find! Have a fun UK fungus day!

Author: Michael Sinclair

My name is Michael Sinclair and I’m a young naturalist from Glasgow although I can be seen all over the place doing crazy things.

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