30 days wild day 1

So for those who don’t know what 30 days wild is, it’s a challenge set by the wildlife trust for you to do something wild every day in June.

I will be doing just a short blog every day on what I have done and make a photo collage at the end. It’s been busy since I have had school and clubs on but there is always something to be done for wildlife.

Today I thought of an idea which I will defenenetly update you on but it was to make an underground place for any bees, bugs or insects that might use it. I made it with clay to line the walls and wood on the top with a small enterance hole. It had moss at the bottom as well. I covered the top with soil and I really do hope something uses it!


Well as I said it wont be very long but at the weekend I will be going the extra step. Get involved and have fun!

(My blog about the bto bird camp will be out tomorrow as i have been so busy and only got home late a few nights ago)

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