Blog #11 – A Small World

It was a Friday and sunny day so I decided to head down to my local patch (Greenbank Gardens in Clarkston, Glasgow) for a bit of nest recording.

The time I spent there was really worth it as in a couple of hours I managed to find the following nests: 5 blue tit, 1 bullfinch, 4 wren, 1 robin (with 4 eggs), 1 blackcap (building) and 7 blackbird (at different stages). The song thrushes were also out collecting worms in the main grassy area. First they would spear a worm with their beaks before shaking off the dirt and finally swallowing them whole: it was amazing to watch!

Song Thrush
Song Thrush


There were also robins, dunnocks, blackbirds and starlings joining in with insect and worm hunting amongst the grass. As soon as I left the main grassy patch, the rabbits started creeping out from among the plants and vegetation and the swallows started swooping about overhead and catching any insects they could.


By the time I completed my walk round the rest of the gardens I’d seen around 30 species including bank voles, grey squirrels and a host of birds.




This is the first full year I will be nest recording and I’m really excited about what data I’ll be able to collect and return to the BTO.

On my way back home we took a drive along some country roads at Thorntonhall hoping to see the wheatears that are usually found in the fields at this time of year.  Although we never saw any wheatears we did see a weasel chasing a vole across the road. The vole managed to escape with its life but my dad started to make rabbit noises to try and get the weasels attention to photograph it and it worked! It came out of the grass verge next to the road and started running towards the car with its ears pointed up. My dad got a nice photo; unfortunately I hadn’t brought my camera as I was focusing on nest recording and didn’t manage to get a photo which was a shame. (See my dad’s photo here)


The nest details:

Blackbird= 1 active

Blue Tit= 5 active

Wren= Unknown (they can build up to 8 nests and may only use 1)

Starling= Many active in woods but 1 active in gardens

Buzzards= 1 pair repairing nest to get ready to lay

Bullfinch and Blackcap= In process of building

Swallow= Just arrived (migrated)

Robin= Currently on 4 eggs

(updates of nests in future blogs)


Author: Michael Sinclair

My name is Michael Sinclair and I’m a young naturalist from Glasgow although I can be seen all over the place doing crazy things.

7 thoughts

  1. Hi Michael,

    You have done it again. Another excellent blog. As I said in my comment on your blog, you have such an eye for the natural world. You manage to see things that most of us miss. Amazing. Great pics too….as usual. Well done to your dad for such effective rabbit noises. That’s an amazing pic.

    You are another week nearer the camp now. I imagine you are starting to really look forward to it.

    It’s great to see your dad back at the airport. Now everything will work properly. 😀

    Take care,


    Sent from my iPad


    1. Thanks Keith, those rabbit noises seemed to work somehow 😂 and yeah I can’t wait until camp. Just a few weeks to go!

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