Blog #5 – A Fab Find

On the same day as my previous blog about Waxwings I discovered something amazing so decided to write a separate blog about it.

When I was looking back through the photographs I’d taken of the Waxwings in Motherwell the day after New Year,  I discovered that one of the birds had 5 rings on its legs.

Waxwing Ringed
Waxwing Ringed


I contacted the RSPB community who suggested that I get in touch with the Grampian Ringing Group who have been involved in ringing Waxwings.  They kindly replied attaching loads of information on the bird I’d photographed; it turned out to be a 4 year old female originally ringed in Aberdeen just a few months earlier.  The full information supplied is below and the picture is also featured in their latest blog.














Leadside Road, Aberdeen












Ringed today















Merry Street, Motherwell









Resighting. PHOTGRAPH


More About Ringing

Bird ringing is a safe way of attaching a very small and light weight ring to birds which does not harm or bother the bird in any way. This means if a bird is captured or a ring is seen or photographed the details can be tracked by the BTO and organisations like the   Grampian Ringing Group. This is a great way of tracking bird movements and learning more about their behaviours.

If you see a bird with a ring please report it into local ringing clubs and the BTO.

Author: Michael Sinclair

My name is Michael Sinclair and I’m a young naturalist from Glasgow although I can be seen all over the place doing crazy things.

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